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    HRACU Lunch Meeting - How Culture is the Most Important Factor to Your Bottom Line

    Date: August 10, 2017, 11:30am – 1:00pm
    University Mall Conference Room
    575 East University Parkway
    Orem, Utah 84058
    Member $ 0.00, Non-Member $ 30.00, Student $ 5.00
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    Chapter Meeting
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    How Culture is the Most Important Factor to Your Bottom Line  ***

    Businesses exist to improve the lives of its clients and to make money.  At the root cause of any business issue is an employee related item that can be directly tied to company culture.  In order to solve your biggest business challenges, you need to invest in your company culture.  This course will provide the data and case studies to help you know why you need to invest in culture and how culture is your most valuable principle at work.  

    My name is Jared Olsen and my business partner Blake Beard and I are the Founders of REYFYA.  By 2025 44% of all workforces will be Millennials, and there is one thing they value more than anything else at work... culture.  As millennials ourselves we created REYFYA to help businesses everywhere with their company culture.  We've helped establish many company cultures; including some that have received national and local recognition for being ridiculously amazing.  With over 20 years  of experience dedicated to cultural improvement we are chock-full of ideas to help “cultural challenged businesses.”  We teach leadership philosophies Jack Welch would be jealous of, and we have a true belief that the root cause of every business issue is a cultural challenge.  

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