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    April 2019 Lunch Meeting - Training Design with a Global & Cultural Twist by Juli Weber

    Date: April 11, 2019, 11:30am – 1:00pm
    University Mall Conference Room
    575 East University Parkway
    Orem, Utah 84058
    Member $0.00, Non-Member $30.00, Student $5.00
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    Chapter Meeting
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    Training Design with a Global & Cultural Twist

    Session Learning Objectives:

    • Develop cultural awareness in our training activities to increase engagement and connections
    • Embrace cultural differences by adapting current activities or training tools
    • Learn and understand 2 cultural dimension theories and how to apply them to your training sessions, to solve learning road blocks and turn them into learning and connection stepping stones

    Creating connection with every learner in the room is the goal for all trainers. But how do you overcome cultural stumbling blocks? Have you ever said something inadvertently that was offensive, or just insensitive? Or is that just your worst nightmare? Increases in ethnic, religious, cultural and even age differences are flooding our organizations, even if we don’t do business outside of our country’s borders. Now is the time to be thinking about and implementing global perspectives and awareness into our work. This session will review theories of global dimensions that influence how we think, and work based on deep rooted values. We will also explore some what-not-to-do’s in training, as well has discuss ideas and ways to increase learner connections by asking questions, raising our own personal awareness and helping everyone feel more comfortable.

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