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08/2019 Meetings & Events

    April 2015
    Date Event Type
    April 27 Talent Management Conference & Exposition Conference
    May 2015
    Date Event Type
    May 14 May Lunch Meeting Chapter Meeting
    June 2015
    Date Event Type
    June 11 HRACU Monthly Meeting: Marketing, Sales, & IT Collide: How to Make HR More Strategic with Analytics Chapter Meeting
    June 28 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition Conference
    July 2015
    Date Event Type
    July 9 HRACU Monthly Meeting: Accommodating Mental Health Disabilities under the ADA Chapter Meeting
    August 2015
    Date Event Type
    August 13 HRACU Chapter Meeting: Pathological Positivity Chapter Meeting
    September 2015
    Date Event Type
    September 22 2015 Crossroads Conference Conference
    October 2015
    Date Event Type
    October 7 Emerging Lead(HR) Conference Conference
    October 8 HRACU Lunch Meeting: Forging Values Emerging Workforce Study Presentation by Spherion Chapter Meeting
    October 26 SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition Conference
    November 2015
    Date Event Type
    November 12 HRACU Lunch Meeting: The Affordable Care Act - Presented by Dave Jackson of First West Benefits Chapter Meeting
    December 2015
    Date Event Type
    December 10 HRACU Business Meeting Chapter Meeting
    January 2016
    Date Event Type
    January 14 HRACU Lunch Meeting: Legal Update - Presented by Jonathan Driggs Chapter Meeting
    February 2016
    Date Event Type
    February 11 February HRACU Lunch Meeting: The Multi-Generational Workplace presented by Greg Danklef Chapter Meeting
    March 2016
    Date Event Type
    March 10 Annual HRACU Conference Conference
    April 2016
    Date Event Type
    April 14 HRACU Lunch Meeting: Scott Ferrin - Effective Workplace Communication Chapter Meeting
    May 2016
    Date Event Type
    May 12 HRACU Lunch Meeting: Steven Smith - EEO During the Hiring Process Chapter Meeting
    June 2016
    Date Event Type
    June 9 HRACU Lunch Meeting: Roger Knecht - The Universal Business Model Chapter Meeting
    July 2016
    Date Event Type
    July 14 HRACU Lunch Meeting: Increasing Applicant Flow by Writing Better Job Ads presented by Ryan Kohler of Applicant Pro Chapter Meeting
    August 2016
    Date Event Type
    August 11 HRACU Lunch Meeting: Roger Knecht - The STAR Training Program Chapter Meeting
    September 2016
    Date Event Type
    September 27 2016 Crossroads Conference Conference
    October 2016
    Date Event Type
    October 13 HRACU Lunch Meeting: "HR Readiness in the Grey Zone" presented by Sean Morris, CEO Blomquist Hale Chapter Meeting
    November 2016
    Date Event Type
    November 10 HRACU Lunch Meeting: "Engaging your Employees With Stay Interviews" presented by Michelle Vargas, FirstWest Chapter Meeting
    December 2016
    Date Event Type
    December 5 SHRM HR Generalist Seminar - Salt Lake City Seminar
    December 5 SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Certification Preparation - Salt Lake City Seminar
    December 6 SHRM Seminar - Organizational Development: Building a Foundation that Drives Success - Salt Lake City Seminar
    December 8 HRACU Lunch Meeting: "Identity Theft in the Workplace and it's Impact on HR" presented by Kris Evans, Harvard Risk Management Corporation Chapter Meeting
    January 2017
    Date Event Type
    January 12 HRACU Lunch Meeting: Legal Update - Presented by Jonathan Driggs Chapter Meeting
    January 26 DWS Better Your Business Breakfast - Wellness in the Workplace Seminar
    February 2017
    Date Event Type
    February 9 HRACU Lunch Meeting: Talent Management Strategies - by Tracee Comstock Chapter Meeting
    March 2017
    Date Event Type
    March 9 Annual HRACU Conference - Empowering Leadership in HR: Be a Voice Not an Echo Conference
    March 23 Free Better Your Business Breakfast Seminar - Employee Discipline & Termination Seminar
    April 2017
    Date Event Type
    April 13 HRACU Lunch Meeting: Strengthening Leader/Team Working Relationships to Improve Engagement - by Dr. Steven S. Merrill Chapter Meeting
    May 2017
    Date Event Type
    May 11 HRACU Lunch Meeting: You, Others, and The Next Level: How to Achieve, Experience, and Overcome - by Kevin Strong Chapter Meeting
    May 25 Free Better Your Business Breakfast Seminar - Conquering Adversity: Creating bigger impact on the world Seminar
    June 2017
    Date Event Type
    June 8 HRACU Lunch Meeting - Coaching Basics: Helping People Reach Their Full Potential, Presented by Marilyn Momeny Chapter Meeting
    July 2017
    Date Event Type
    July 13 HRACU Lunch Meeting - Aging Workforces: How to Help Your Employees Retire Successfully and Maximize Their Benefits Chapter Meeting
    July 27 Free Better Your Business Breakfast Seminar - Employment Law Update Seminar
    August 2017
    Date Event Type
    August 10 HRACU Lunch Meeting - How Culture is the Most Important Factor to Your Bottom Line Chapter Meeting
    September 2017
    Date Event Type
    September 19 2017 Crossroads Conference Conference
    October 2017
    Date Event Type
    October 12 HRACU Lunch Meeting - HR & Immigration Considerations in Mergers, Acquisitions & International Deals - Presented by Joshua Irvine Chapter Meeting
    November 2017
    Date Event Type
    November 9 HRACU Lunch Meeting - Managing Disabilities in the Workplace under the ADA - Presented by Ryan D. Nelson Chapter Meeting
    December 2017
    Date Event Type
    December 14 HRACU Lunch Meeting - Business Meeting Chapter Meeting
    January 2018
    Date Event Type
    January 11 HRACU Lunch Meeting: Legal Update - Presented by Jonathan Driggs Chapter Meeting
    February 2018
    Date Event Type
    February 8 HRACU Lunch Meeting - Future of Work presented by Dr. Jonathan Westover Chapter Meeting
    March 2018
    Date Event Type
    March 8 Annual HRACU Conference Conference
    March 22 Free Better Your Business Breakfast Seminar - Employee Conduct Outside the Workplace Seminar
    March 29 CORE Executive Summit - Utah SHRM Conference Conference
    April 2018
    Date Event Type
    April 12 HRACU Lunch Meeting - Using Benchmarking Data for Better Strategic Benefit Decisions - presented by Dave Jackson Chapter Meeting
    May 2018
    Date Event Type
    May 10 HRACU Lunch Meeting - 4 Keys to Success in Business presented by Roger Knecht Chapter Meeting
    May 17 Free Better Your Business Breakfast Seminar - Activating Talent: Are Your Employees Engaged? Seminar
    June 2018
    Date Event Type
    June 14 HRACU Lunch Meeting - Data Privacy & Disclosure presented by Dr. David Cherrington Chapter Meeting
    July 2018
    Date Event Type
    July 12 HRACU Lunch Meeting - 6 Smart HR Strategies for Addressing Today's Serious Skills Gap presented by Scott Ferrin Chapter Meeting
    July 26 Free Better Your Business Breakfast Seminar- Health and Wellness in the Workplace Seminar
    August 2018
    Date Event Type
    August 9 HRACU Lunch Meeting - Basics of Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws presented by Krista Watson of the EEOC Chapter Meeting
    September 2018
    Date Event Type
    September 27 Free Better Your Business Breakfast Seminar - Preventing Sexual Harassment in a Post "#MeToo" World Seminar
    October 2018
    Date Event Type
    October 11 HRACU Lunch Meeting - Marilyn Schenk Chapter Meeting
    November 2018
    Date Event Type
    November 8 HRACU Lunch Meeting - Navigating Troubled Waters: Employee EEO Complaints & Up in Smoke: Employer's Guide to Marijuana in Utah by Spencer Phillips Chapter Meeting
    December 2018
    Date Event Type
    December 13 HRACU Lunch Meeting - Trends in Hiring Related to Artifical Intelligence by Laryn Brown Chapter Meeting
    January 2019
    Date Event Type
    January 10 HRACU Lunch Meeting - Annual legal update by Jonathan K. Driggs Chapter Meeting
    January 24 Free Better Your Business Breakfast Seminar - Untapped Potential of a Flexible at Home Workforce Seminar
    February 2019
    Date Event Type
    February 14 HRACU Lunch Meeting - Understanding & Improving Your Stress by Rachelle Burrup Chapter Meeting
    March 2019
    Date Event Type
    March 14 FuelHR Conference Conference
    March 28 Utah SHRM - Leading HR Executive Summit Conference
    April 2019
    Date Event Type
    April 11 April 2019 Lunch Meeting - Training Design with a Global & Cultural Twist by Juli Weber Chapter Meeting
    May 2019
    Date Event Type
    May 9 May 2019 Professional Development Meeting - Working with Difficult Personalities in the Workplace by Marcy Fetzer, PhD Chapter Meeting
    May 16 Free Better Your Business Breakfast Seminar - Understanding and Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce Seminar
    June 2019
    Date Event Type
    June 13 Professional Development Lunch Meeting June 2019 - Recruiting, Hiring, Supervising and Retaining Individuals with Disabilities by Leah Lobato, BS, CPM Chapter Meeting